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ST52 pipes come under the DIN 2391 specification. The DIN 2391 St52 Pipe is made with a chemical composition of carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorous, and sulfur. These pipes are very strong and designed with enhanced corrosion resistance properties. DIN 2391 ST52 possesses excellent mechanical properties. They are designed with a tensile strength of minimum 600Mpa and yield strength of minimum 520Mpa. The ST52 Steel Tube can be easily elongated by a minimum of 14% and still possess good workability. They are available in single random, double random, and custom lengths up to 6000mm. ST52 Carbon Steel Pipe is produced with a carbon concentration of above 0.30%. These pipes can be easily formed by both cold and hot-rolling processes in different dimensions. The ST52 Pipe is widely used in oil and gas refineries, food processing, chemical industries, boiler systems, dairy and fluid pipelines, hydraulic systems, and so on. We are the leading ST52 Pipe suppliers in Mumbai. Our goal is to supply high-quality products at the most reasonable rates.


The ST52 Seamless Pipe is produced with the help of a billet to create a hollow shell. These pipes are extremely strong and don’t require welding or seam to join them together. The 1.0570 Steel Smls Pipe can be easily bent or flanged and can easily withstand extreme pressures and temperatures. These pipes are available with an outer diameter of 1/2NB to 60NB. The ST52 0 Seamless Tube is a mild carbon steel tube, which is extremely reliable and easy to operate. These tubes possess a smooth surface. They have a long service life and are easy to clean and maintain. DIN 1.0570 Seamless Steel Tubes is a cost-effective highly efficient pipe, which can be used in different corrosive media. These tubes are manufactured following all industry standards and are available in different shapes. The DIN2391C Seamless circular tubes are preferred in transporting and supplying fluids over long distances. These tubes are also used in different structural applications. They are very easy to maintain and clean. DIN 1629 ST 52 Plain end seamless steel tubes can be easily be connected to socket-weld connections or in slip-on flanges. These tubes create a 90-degree angle to the tube run, which makes them an ideal option in small diameter piping systems. The DIN 17100 ST 52.3 Welded Tube is produced by joining pieces of steel together. These tubes are available in pipe sizes between 5mm to 1219.2mm. All our products including, the ST52 NBK Steel pipes, can be customized in different shapes and sizes as per your requirements.

The ST52.3 Steel Cold Finished Tube is a low-carbon manganese tube. These tubes possess good impact resistance and can be readily welded. They can suffice in sub-zero temperatures and are available in normalized form. The ST52 S355 Annealed Tube is designed with excellent workability and high ductility. These tubes have low hardness and brittleness but possess good magnetic properties. In the ST52 Hydraulic Tube, the concentration of carbon is low. This grade is a preferred choice in different industries due to its excellent machinability and exceptional dimensional tolerances. The ST52 Honed Cylinder Tube possesses accurate dimensions. The abrasion resistance stones used in polishing them give them enhanced hardness and an excellent finish. ST52 4 Honed Tube can withstand extreme working pressures and temperatures. The tubes from these grades are available in normalized, phosphate finish, and oiled from the interior and exterior. The ST52-3 BK Honed Tube Tube is made with a smooth and precise finish. The surface in these tubes is relieved of any stress, and the tube is annealed to give it better resistance in various applications. Our experienced staff makes use of cutting-edge technology and the best ST52 Steel Material to produce the best products in this grade.

The EN 1.0570 Precision Steel Tube occupies a special place amongst different groups of steel tubes. These tubes are cost-effective and are protected from corrosion and abrasion due to the unique properties of the pipe. The BKA ST52 Tube is available in welded, seamless, and electric resistance tubes. They are available in square, rectangular, circular, hydraulic, and other similar shapes. The ST52 BK DIN 2391 Seamless Precision Steel Tubes are used to carry fluids or gases in commercial and domestic systems. These tubes are available with an outer diameter of 4mm OD to 125mm OD. DIN 2391 ST52 BK+S Seamless Tube has higher tolerances and is produced with strict security checks. These tubes also possess good impact strength. This DIN 2391 ST52 NBK Tube is available in plain, beveled, and threaded tubings end. The standard wire gauge in these pipes is between 10 SWG to 20 SWG. If you have any queries or want to get a quote on our products or the DIN 2391 St52 Pipe, contact us for more information.

DIN 17100 ST 52.3 Welded Tube and ST52 Carbon Steel Pipe distributor in India, Check schedule 40 and 80 specification chart & Nominal Pipe Sizes of ST52 Hydraulic Tube and 1.0570 Steel Smls Pipe


DIN 2391




Outer Diameter (4-190mm) x Wall thickness (0.5-15mm)

Outer Dimensions

4.0mm To 60.0mm

Wall Thickness

0.5mm To 8 mm


maximum 6000mm


ST 52 Pipe Standard



St35/St45/St52/ St55  and so on

Minimum Order Quantity

1 Ton

Outside Diameter Ranges

1/8’’~48’’ Or DN6~DN1200 Or 10.3mm~1219mm

ST 52 Pipe Wall Thickness Ranges

SCH10~SCH160 Or STD,XS,XXS Or 1.73mm~59.54mm

ST 52 Pipe Length (Custom)

Single Random Length


Double Random Length


Fixed Length


Most common Length

6m, 12m

I.D Roughness


Inside Diameter Tolerance


ST 52 Pipe Type

Seamless, Welded

ST 52 Pipe Technique

Cold Drawn, ERW and so on

ST52 Seamless Pipe Chemical Composition Chart







P max

S max








DIN2391C Seamless circular tubes Mechanical Characteristics

Yield Strength

520 Mpa Min.

Tensile Strength

600 Mpa Min.


14% Min.


Tolerance of ST52 Honed Cylinder Tube

Never forget to compare our price list with other ST52 Pipe suppliers before you buy ST52 4 Honed Tube and ST52 Honed Cylinder Tube

Outer Diameter Tolerance in MM

















Wall thickness Tolerance